Parent Council

One ‘Parent Representative’ is elected from each class. The Parent Representative works with the class teacher, and supports events such as ‘Coffee Mornings’ and joint learning events.

The Parent Representatives come together to form the Parent Council.


The role of the Parent Council is to meet together to:

(a) be a link for the class teacher to support classroom initiatives for families;

(b) work with the leadership team to shape provision developments together;

(c) share what is working well and what could improve to make this school the best it can be;

(d) share successes and challenges in local services beyond education, so that the school can take this to the relevant organisations and inform developments.


Whole School Parent Council

Meetings for remainder of 2016/17 academic year:

01 March

23 March

25 April

23 May

20 June

13 July


Lower School

Class Parent rep
Snowdrop Suela
Daffodil Ines
Bluebell Mekdes
Snap Dragon Terese
Jasmine Sheik and Nasima
Tulip Narinder
Buttercup Parvin
Pansy Hasina
Dandelion Winnifred
Lotus Dahlia
Poppy Stacey
Lily Caroline and Russell
Violet Maria
Sunflower Iris


Upper School

Class Parent
Anne Frank Ingrid
Anne Frank Emma
Attenborough Katia
Bill Gates Zulieica
Gandhi Maryan
Hawking Vacant
JK Rowling Sadia
Jonas Salk Houdia & Farouk
Mandela Adele
Mandela Jess
Marie Curie Roshin
Marie Curie Lissa
Mary Seacole Mr Ramadani
MLKing Hava
Pankhurst Catlin
Roald Dahl Vacant
Rosa Parks Margie
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