‘Special schools need to find the holy grail of truly integrated provision’

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Special schools owe it to parents and students to bring all the different support services together in schools, says this headteacher In every school, there should be a buzz at the start of the year. Teams should feel energised about a new chapter in the learning journey of the school community. At Swiss Cottage School, Development and Research Centre, we...
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Professional Learning Days – September 2016

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Lulu & Family
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Playzone Summer Newsletter

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Playzone Logo
Click here to view our Summer...
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Student to take part in the world’s first fully accessible and inclusive mass participation run!

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On 4th September Lulu and her dad Ahmad will be taking on a 10 KM run together, and they are already preparing for this challenge! Your donations will be used to support Swiss Cottage School which allows Lulu and her friends with special educational needs to learn, develop and to reach their unique potential. A few years ago in 2008, little Lulu was born into...
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Swiss Cottage School is now part of Whole School SEND!

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The Whole School SEND Consortium has officially launched. Funded in part by the Department for Education as the Schools Workforce Contract for 2016/2017, Whole School SEND is a consortium to drive and support school-led, user-informed school improvement – making the best use of resources from schools, the third sector and the education system. It exists to help...
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