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Plus, Disney inspired games, summer recipes, top tips and a new app just for you.
School's Out

Dear Parent/Carer,

The summer holidays are almost here! We know it can be a struggle to keep the kids entertained every day.

So we have loads of tips to help keep the “I’m bored” moments of summer at bay, including the new 10 Minute Shake Up Zone, which is an easy, fun way to keep your kids active.
The big cookathon
Kids need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day to help stay healthy. So get the kids moving and shaking with games like, Dory’s Blue Fin Boogie or twisting and jumping with Hank’s 7 tentacle challenge. We’ve teamed up with Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory to bring you fun new games, competitions and offers to keep the kids active over the summer holidays.
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“I have noticed that since my daughter has been doing the exercises every day her legs have got stronger! A few weeks ago she couldn’t make it up a large hill near our house and now she can 🙂 ”
Katy White
“The 10 minute shake up has really helped my two boys focus on getting fitter and healthier.”
Nicola Burke
Super Saturday snacks
This summer, why not try these simple and delicious chicken drummers to keep all the family happy at dinner – no BBQ required!
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Fill your bowl
If you’re worried about picky eaters not getting a balanced diet, encourage them to try a mouthful of everything on the plate, rather than all of it. You might find they try more things that way.
the fun generator
the fun generator
Why not get active yourself this summer? The Couch to 5k app has been designed to get you off the couch and running in just nine weeks. Grab your trainers, download the app and follow the step-by-step instructions. Download it now.
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We hope you have a great summer and don’t forget to get the kids involved in the new 10 Minute Shake Up inspired by Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory! We’ll be back soon with more great hints and tips to keep your family moving more and eating well.
The Change4Life team
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