Greenhouse After School Club Report

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The Greenhouse Monday after school club has been running for a few weeks. The idea is to offer a safe, fun, engaging environment for young people to play, learn and develop while trying a range of activities from soft play to trampolining. The thoughts of staff and parents are below.

‘It’s really good. A brilliant idea for a club. They really enjoy it. It’s great to have the extra hour. More parents and kids should come.’ Stacey (parent).

‘We’re really grateful. It’s fantastic.’ Ingrid (parent).

‘We’re seeing lots of progression from the lesson. Freddy showed great control did a half turn independently for the first time ever in school today and it’s great to see them doing group work together like the skate board racing.’ Carly (Greenhouse coach)

‘It’s great to see the young people’s development. They are engaging for longer and longer in activities and all seem to really enjoy the session. Also it’s great having Stacey come down and see what we’re doing with Sam and a massive thank you to her for her support and enthusiasm and to all parents whose children have been coming to the club.’ Gabriel (Greenhouse coach)

It will be great to see more parents and young people come to the club not only so students can stay active for longer in school but so parents and coaches can share activity ideas so young people can stay active throughout the week.

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