Greenhouse Sports Holiday Scheme Report

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Monday 13th saw the start of a new Greenhouse holiday scheme at Swiss cottage school. A three day sports leadership scheme for students aged fourteen and over. Students took part in different events including dodgeball, cricket, football, dance and trampolining. They tried different roles, participant, score keeper, referee and coach and looked at the qualities that make a good leader. The students’ views on the scheme are below.

‘This scheme was the best ever. What would make it better would be medals.’ Carl

‘The scheme was funny and fun.’ Joel

‘It’s fun and we get to go outside to do exercise and warm ups. I’d like to do even more warm ups and games next time.’Jelena

‘It was fun and the games were fun.’ Katherine

‘It was great and fantastic. I liked everything. It would be good to have more people next time.’ Lucky

‘It was good to see the young people having to think for themselves and make their own decisions and work as a team. Next steps would be to get more students to attend either locally or by linking up with other Greeenhouse schools.’ Carly Greenhouse coach.

For me the highlight of the week was seeing the students not just helping each other but helping other younger students here on a separate scheme and the focus is for them to continue taking opportunities to show their leaderships, helping their peers and other younger students and continuing to take on roles as referees, coaches and event organisers and facilitators. The students have also agreed to talk about the scheme in a future assembly to help publicise the Easter holiday scheme to their peers

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