I’m Included Sports Day

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Swiss Cottage, St Ann’s and Richard Cloudsley School learners enjoyed a fun day of activities with the Greenhouse Charity team. The ‘I’m Included Sports Day’ offers learners with multiple and complex needs the opportunity to participate in an inclusive sports day.

The day involved a disco using sensory stimuli to encourage movement to music. The fast and furious relay race was especially popular with learners completing an obstacle course and then either choosing to knock a cone over with a part of their body or hitting a button to win the round. Some rather messy but fun play took part in the undercroft where learners explored textures of shaving foam and cooked spaghetti! The day finished with parachute games as a whole group.

The activities were all different and tailored to each group’s needs but the themes were all the same; using different stimuli to give enjoyment, encouraging choice and independent movement.


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