We are committed to a 'Culture of Learning' as a school and place reflective enquiry at the heart of all of our processes. Our Professional Learning Communities ensures meaningful and targeted reflective enquiry to shape planning and promote engaging pedagogy. This explains our school's planning process and reflective enquiry across all five curriculum pathways.

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Personal Learning Intention Maps (PLIM)

The Teaching Teams have a thorough understanding of each child’s point of learning; their interests, strengths and barriers, medical needs, developmental stage and learning level. Each of these areas are used to effectively plan for a range of learning intentions for each pupil which are personalised to that pupils point of learning across the Curriculum. These are used across the day by a range of professionals giving continuity, contextualisation, therefore giving breadth of approach and supporting pupils to achieve deep learning.

Continuity is ensured through  the use of the personal learning intentions and celebrated through learning journals and portfolios (EYFS) which capture key achievements which develop into a record of learning for pupils from Early years to the 6th form, showing progress from entry to when the learner leaves Swiss Cottage. These are shared with pupils to encourage them to have pride in their accomplishments. We meet regularly with families, who are the experts with their child, to incorporate the ‘individual pupil’ into the plans for their learning.

The Learning Environment

In response to the new measures put into schools we have designed and carefully planned the new school ‘zone system’.  It has enabled us to focus on a meaningful recovery curriculum that will support the learners to thrive after an extended period at home.  The new 9 zones across the school promotes safety and limits cross contamination.  All of the learning takes place within the classroom and therefore teachers have adapted how they are planning and how the learners are accessing the curriculum within a safe classroom environment.

Classroom environments are created to support the different range of needs within the class.

Where needed pupils have individual workstations which allow for maximum concentration and support pupils who find the world a distracting or disturbing place.

Everything we do is through personalised learning and supports pupils as individuals, incorporating their individual needs, interests and ways of learning.

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