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At Swiss Cottage, we are committed to establishing the best ways of teaching about money, finance, and belongings, to learners with Special Educational Needs.  We are working with the charity PFEG (Personal Finance Education Group) on developing resources for teaching finance and money.  We have also developed our own ‘Financial Capability Progression Planner’, to enable classroom staff to set related personalised learning intentions, for each individual young person.

What is taught as part Money and Finance Education varies enormously across the school.  Some learners are working on looking after objects, or on understanding that when an object is covered up, it is still there.  Other learners are practicing paying for items in shops, counting coins, or making sense of what happens inside a bank.  Learners at Swiss Cottage are also involved in fundraising. This year, we are raising money for Sports Relief, and for projects with our link school in Ghana.  We also take part in ‘My Money Week’, which happens in the Summer Term.

We have a very ambitious vision for the development of our Money and Finance Education, and expect to be recognised as a ‘PFEG Centre of Excellence’ later in 2014.  We have a Social Enterprise Working Party in place, focused around creating further opportunities for our learners to interact with work, trade and with money.  We are also working with our local branch of Santander Bank, on creating resources and opportunities for our children and young people, which are as “real-world” as possible.

Excitingly, we are aiming to set up a “pop-up shop” for our school, as a “classroom in the community”, a dream that will only be reachable with additional help and support.

There are lots of resources online to teach young people about issues related to money.  For example, the Santander 123 Mini Calculator the ‘Money Values and Me’ websites supports learners following our Semi-Formal and Formal Curricula, and is used by MENCAP with adults with learning difficulties.

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