Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope this finds you all well and that you had a good summer break. We are really looking forward to welcoming all of the children, young people and staff back into school on Friday, 4th September.

We are writing to explain the changes in the school in light of the new guidelines. We hope that this will offer some reassurance for all families that the school has taken important steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone whilst in the school building. You will already have received information about the class your child will be in for September and the name of the class teacher which remain the same.

‘Bubble’ Zones

You may have heard the term ‘bubbles’ being used to describe how schools will be split to reduce cross contamination of areas in the school building and to ensure that in the event of a case of COVID-19 being present in the school how we can minimise the spread. The school has been split into 11 bubbles with allocated spaces assigned to each group. These bubbles have been assigned a colour to help staff and pupils to understand how to move safely around the building. The staff teams are completing a range of training on the new Bubble Zones on 2nd and 3rd September to ensure we have a safe and secure school provision.

To protect the bubbles there are new start and finish times assigned to each bubble group. If your child receives school transport then they will come to school on a bus with pupils from their bubble zone, and this might not be the same bus as they usually come to school on. Camden and Local Authority Transport will be in touch to give you your pick up and drop
off times. The buses will not be entering the building in one group, instead each bus has a specific time they are allowed to enter the site for both drop off and pick up.

If you bring your child to school you must come at your allocated time. You must come at these times only, you will not be able to enter the site outside of your allocated time in order to protect the bubble zone. When you come to the school there will be staff from the Senior Team on the gates who will direct you with where to go and will inform the class team you are here. Staff from your child’s class will collect them from you at the main entrance. Parents and carers do not enter the school building. We understand this may be challenging especially if it is a new class for your child but we have to ensure the guidelines we have received are being met and we have a duty of care to all staff and children using the building. The decisions have not been taken lightly and our priority is to get all of the children back into
school safely, we will need your help to do this.

We will not have visitors or events on the school site to ensure the Bubble zones are secure. Please do not enter the school reception if you come to the school to help us protect the pupils and staff.

This letter was also posted to your home address outlining your child’s bubble zone and drop off/pick up time if they are brought to school by the family. The school dinners and packed lunches remain the same.

This video will be a great way to show your child so that they can see the changes in the building before they arrive on Friday:


Please ensure that you send in all medications on the first day of school with the relevant consent forms. The school have kept no medication on site over the summer holidays. We cannot administer any medicines if the consent forms have not been sent in.


If your child is unwell please do not send them into school. Call the school on 02076818080 to let us know they are unwell or alternatively email the class teacher. This will help us to monitor sickness across the school and across the bubble zones. We will not be routinely checking temperatures at school so it is very important that if you suspect your child is unwell you keep them at home. If they become unwell in the school day you will
receive a phone call asking you to come and collect them. They will be isolated from the rest of the class until you arrive. If your child has any symptoms of COVID-19 we suggest you book them in for a test as soon as possible. They will not be allowed to return to school unless they have a negative result or have been isolating for 10 days. This will also apply to
our staff. Please help us to keep our community safe, we have some extremely vulnerable children and staff at school and together we must work to keep everyone protected.

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

The school has developed a ‘Transition Recovery Curriculum’ that will take place across the first 4 weeks of the academic year. We will send you information on the transition curriculum with the class timetable at the end of next week.

Thank you for supporting us in getting our school community up and running again and also over the period of lockdown. This has been an incredibly difficult period of time for everybody and the support we have received from families and our partner organisations has been incredible. No one could have foreseen the challenges we have all faced but we
feel that together we were able to make the best of a set of challenging circumstances. Your support did not go unnoticed and was appreciated by all of us. We are so happy to be able to open up our doors again to all of the children and young people and to get back to doing what we do best, together.

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We have a new email address specifically for parents and carers who may have additional questions which is checked daily by a member of the Senior Team:

Take care and we look forward to the start of the new academic year!

Yours Sincerely,

Vijita, Rebecca, Lucy, Rima, Laura and Matthew
Senior Leadership Team