It was wonderful to see you this morning when you came to drop off your child, and a pleasure to meet the new parents. Thank you for using the social distancing marks on the path to reception, and for your patience as we trialled our new arrival system. We are learning from the process to improve the system and ensure it is safe. We appreciate that you are navigating local traffic, the schedules for children at other schools, and your own schedules. Please arrive at the gate and wait as close as possible to your pick-up time.

On Monday, posters reflecting the Bubble Colours will be on the school fence. This will show you where to join the queue system.

When you arrive this afternoon orange cones will be setup to support you to wait with social distancing. They are located along the school perimeter fence and on both sides of the vehicle entry gate.

  1. Please wait in the queue that we direct you to and be aware that transport buses will be entering the vehicle gate.
  2. We will inform the queue when the bubble is ready to enter the gates. Please wait if the number of parents that have entered is at maximum capacity.
  3. Please do not walk up to the gates if other parents are waiting in the queue. Join the queue and we will make sure you are coming in at the right time.
  4. Members of the public use this public path so be aware that they are trying to move past our school safely.
  5. We have a member of staff on duty to help you cross the road safely.

Thank you for the support as we work together to get this right. It will take a few days and we appreciate the steps you are taking to keep the school community safe.

Warm wishes,


Vijita Patel


Matthew Granados

Assistant Principal (Lower School)

Matthew Maguire

Assistant Principal (Upper School)

Lucy Hall

Assistant Principal (Pastoral)

Roseanna Gooder

Assistant Principal (Transitions / School Improvement)

Aditi Singh

Assistant Principal (Curriculum)

Rima Blakaj

School Business Manager