Our Charity Trustees are working directly with the company that sells the 90-minute COVID-19 test machine (DRW).

The company are supporting our efforts with a generous reduction in the price of the machine and test kits to wholesale sector cost.

They have also prioritised us for urgent delivery.

The total cost is reduced from £47,000 to £34,000.

We have raised: £30,000.00.

Our current target: £4,000

Swiss Cottage School, Development & Research Centre is a special needs school for pupils aged 2 to 19 with complex sensory, medical and communication needs. Our specialist staff are pivotal in the provision we provide our unique and vulnerable community of learners.

The system is facing significant challenges in testing availability and delays and we have already experienced delays for pupil and staff test results. The number of staff in self-isolation awaiting testing options and results directly impacts on our school provision and the wellbeing of our highly vulnerable community.

This is a long-term issue and we need a solution on site. This is an urgent fundraising appeal to purchase a 90-minute SAMBA SARS II Covid-19 Test Machine.

This COVID-19 test machine would provide robust results quickly to protect the highly vulnerable pupils with rapid response. The machine would also provide fast results to ensure specialist staffing levels are in place and do not lead to a school closure. It is crucial our pupils are able to access education to promote their holistic development after the lockdown period.

Machine cost: £34,000

We have raised: £30,000.00

Our current target: £4,000

SAMBA SARS II Covid-19 Test Machine

SAMBA II is a real game changer in infectious disease management. It is fully automated, performing sample preparation, extraction, amplification and detection: a true sample in – result out system. With SAMBA II, high-tech diagnostic and treatment monitoring assays become easy to perform and require minimal training. While-you-wait results enable test and treat facilities, enhancing the way diseases are managed.

More information: https://drw-ltd.com/products/samba-2.html

SCS Charity Urgent Fundraising Appeal

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