Update on Locality Traffic Increase

Dear Parents, Carers, and Families,

We hope you had a good break, and are really pleased that 225 pupils have returned to school at the start of this first week of the Summer Term. The warm weather reflects the energy within the school provision – vibrant and engaging.

We are writing to update you on the increase in traffic outside of our school. Families that bring their children to school have observed the increased traffic in the locality this week. There are three factors leading to this:

The end of lockdown leading to more vehicles and freight trucks using Avenue Road as a shortcut to Central London
Increased bus lane restrictions on Finchley Road that directly impact on Avenue Road
New restrictions on the road that Local Authority transport buses previously waited at before the end of day process for our pupils.

The school is not able to have the Local Authority transport buses enter earlier than 3pm into the school gates. This is because the emergency services must enter and exit through the vehicle gates up to 3pm, in particular ambulances that respond to medical emergencies. In addition to this, the school uses the second section of the transport route for our life skills curriculum, movement lessons, cycle training, and playground rotations for each of the bubbles. This is especially important before pupils travel home for long periods on local authority transport buses.

The Local Authority transport teams have increased their fleet of buses to keep our bubble measures secure. We appreciate the measures they have taken to support the bubble groups with staggered arrival and departure times. The school is monitoring the situation across this first week of impact. The road is a 20mph zone. We will submit an update to the Local Authority to ensure they are aware of the increased impact of road changes on Finchley Road is having on the sense of safety as the traffic continues to elevate.

Yours Sincerely,

Vijita Patel      Rebecca Shaw      Mia Dodsworth     

Principal         Vice Principal        Vice Principal        

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