Dear Families,

We appreciate the questions you have on how our school building could experience flooding impact across all four levels. We never want the school building to be closed because we know the importance of consistent structures and routines for your child.

We are providing an update to you so that you can understand the type of flooding on the school building that led to the decision to move learning to our Virtual School on 13th and 14th July. As we mentioned in our previous letter, the flooding came through ceiling panels, light fixtures, and the interior of the building. It was not related to just ground level flooding. This video provides context of the impact on the building through images and video we captured at the start. We were not able to take extensive footage as we responded to the situation but this does give useful context. The video also shows the impact of the response from the Facilities Management team and the Local Authority.

The video is on our school’s secure youtube channel and able to be accessed here:

Our building is managed by a Facilities Management team. They work directly with the Local Authority through a contract. Throughout yesterday and today, a number of site inspections have taken place. Contractors, specialists, and commercial equipment has supported the response to ensure the building is safe. The Facilities Management team have confirmed that the school can be occupied.

  • Water coming through ceiling panels has stopped;
  • Electrics are now working across the entire school and confirmed as safe;
  • Wet carpets and flooring are drying with professional equipment;
  • All damaged furniture, resources, and technology is removed from classrooms;
  • Classrooms are setup for pupils to engage in their timetable upon return;
  • There are areas of the school that are closed including a part of the playground that was heavily impacted by the torrential rain;
  • We can bring pupils back safely into the bubble system.

We are sharing this with you to help with awareness of why the decision had to be taken to be Virtual on 12th and 13th for the safety of our community. If you have questions, please share them through an email to or a call to reception on 02076818080. We will pull the questions together and ensure everybody has the answers. Thank you for supporting our 2 day Virtual School status to ensure the safety of our community.

Yours Sincerely,

Vijita Patel Peter Sprinz
Principal Chair of Governors


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