Evidence for Learning – Update to Families

The school uses ‘Evidence for Learning’ to share key moments of learning and observation with you through their secure system. It is great to have so many families signed up to the system which is currently through a login and password on a website. 

We are pleased to confirm that the Evidence for Learning system is also going to include a ‘Family App’. This is to promote another way for you to interact with the content that we upload onto the secure system, and for you to share information with the class team on learning and experiences outside of the school day. 

We are working with the EfL team and will provide you with directions on the next steps when they become available. At that stage, we will also offer some additional training sessions to support your use of the learning journal programme. 

If you have any questions about your child’s Evidence for Learning journal, please contact your class teacher. They can also provide you with links to the technology team for any technical support. 

Thank you and have a great weekend. 


Click here to download a printable version of this letter.