Dear Parents, Carers, and Families 

We are writing to give all families an update on our COVID-19 cases across the school. Today we have a total of 10 cases. We are waiting on additional test results for pupils and staff in self-isolation due to symptoms and lateral flow test results.  

  • 4 classes are moving into virtual learning for tomorrow and Friday
  • Staff from specific classes have completed an additional voluntary test where there was a new positive COVID-19 case confirmation. We have positive test results coming through this. Those staff have moved into self-isolation for PCR testing.  
  • We have sent pupils home into self-isolation due to symptoms of COVID-19 across the day. If they cannot tolerate a PCR test they still remain in self-isolation for a 10-day period.
  • We are receiving updates from families and staff that are currently on self-isolation through positive lateral flow tests that walk-in and drive-in PCR test centres do not have PCR test bookings available in London.
  • The school is using the onsite test machine to help confirm pupils with symptoms that need to move into self-isolation if parents provide consent. The machine does 1 test across 2 hours so we have a limit on the total number of tests we can complete.
  • We have home lateral flow test kits available if you want one. 

We are monitoring this situation carefully with our local Public Health England team. 
Families have also informed us today of the status of their child’s siblings in local schools that have closed. This is why we are sending you this letter for information. 

The school stopped meetings onsite. Visitors to the school are only from health, social care, or other multi-agency professionals. They confirm negative lateral flow test results with temperature checks.

We currently have 4 classes confirmed as virtual for Thursday and Friday: Caterpillar, Ladybird, Dragonfly, and Orchid. 

We have 4 additional classes moving into protective bubbles due to lateral flow test and PCR test results: Violet, Alan Turing, David Attenborough, Maya Angelou. We are stopping all cross class working and assemblies for the remaining classes. We will also minimise the use of shared areas such as the drama studio to minimise any spread.

We are not able to move staff to cover absences because we are in this position. Cover agencies do not have staff when we call to book cover support for absences. 

All of our staff will complete a lateral flow test Thursday morning. They will inform us by 7am if they have any symptoms or a positive lateral flow test tomorrow morning. This will allow us to confirm the status of classes at 8am. We know Virtual learning is not preferred and are trying to avoid this alternative but equally need to ensure the school is safe. 

Please be alert for the symptoms of coronavirus which are:  

  • A high temperature
  • A new continuous cough
  • A loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell


If your child develops ANY of the three main symptoms of COVID-19, please let us know immediately so that we can support you and inform the class team and families. They would need to self-isolate (this means stay at home) and get PCR tested as soon as possible. 

We wanted to end the term as a community within the school provision. We know this may be a difficult update to read and hope it helps you make any decisions you may need to ahead of your holiday period. Thank you to each of you for responding so quickly and with generous understanding if we had to call you today. 

Yours Sincerely,

Vijita Patel Mia Dodsworth Rebecca Shaw
Principal Vice Principal Vice Principal


Click here to download a printable version of this letter.