School Safety Measures

We have developed careful measures at our school for safety with the COVID-19 pandemic. The key aim is to elevate hygiene measures and minimise any cross-contamination in line with government guidance.

The school offers full PPE to all staff (disposable face masks, gloves, aprons, visors). All staff have lanyard antibac gel available, and all teams have antibacterial gel, wipes, spray, soap in their classroom and office space. All classrooms have a sink to promote regular hand washing. Every classroom and office has fresh air ventilation.

The first bubble is the classroom. The second bubble is the bubble zone. There is no face-to-face cross-class learning, interaction, or sharing of resources. 

  • The school is divided into protected bubble zones. The zones are identified by colours (Example: Green Bubble).
  • Staff lanyards identify the zone the staff work within.
  • Each bubble zone has an allocated leader, First Aiders, and elevated hygiene cycles.
  • Senior and middle leadership, ICT Team, Family Inclusion Team, and Business Team have rainbow lanyards reflecting cross school roles.
  • Pupils are transported within their bubbles and have a staggered arrival and departure time linked to their bubble.
  • Staff communication is through a clear ‘Walkie talkie’ process to minimise any classes moving through key areas of the building at the same time.
  • Playground and lunch areas are allocated to each bubble with specific times and through ROTAs.
  • Core team members have new systems to reduce the entry into protected bubbles. 
  • If a member had to enter the protected bubble, they are tracked and would wear face mask, gloves, and aprons. This is even if they are not entering the individual classroom. 

All communications between classes, teams, and staff is through our school phone system, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. 

Face Mask Guidance

Example Bubble Safety Poster

‘Rainbow Lanyard’ Teams

Authorised & Planned Professional Visitor Guidance