Personal Finance Film Making Project

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Swiss Cottage School is committed to teaching quality personal finance education, as we see it as key to supporting families, and improving the life chances of our young people.

In partnership with Santander Bank, we have been making a teaching and training video, which addresses some of the difficulties, related to financial capability, faced by many learners at Swiss Cottage.  The video includes clips which show appropriate and inappropriate ways of standing in a queue, when waiting to see a bank cashier. It looks into ways of carrying money safely after using a cash machine.  It also explores what a bank actually is, and the different activities, which take there.  Students from the Central School of Speech and Drama supported the young people with their acting.

Currently, we are working with the Personal Finance Education Group (PFEG), to further develop our personal finance education programmes, to become an accredited “centre of excellence” in this field, by the end of 2014. We have also developed a ‘Financial Capability Progression Planner’ to support teachers with planning, and have won the Assessment Innovation Fund by the Department of Education, enabling us to disseminate this nationally.

We also have exciting plans related to personal finance education, for the near future.  On Wednesday 4th June, we will be holding workshops for parents.  We are also exploring the possibility of having a market stall or “pop-up shop” in the community.



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