“Promoting a pupil centred provision which values what the learners are able to achieve”

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I really enjoyed meeting the Secretary of State.  Nicky Morgan was very open and relaxed, which led to an engaging discussion on the importance of SEN and what Swiss Cottage School is about. It was great to hear other colleagues expressing their views on education for learners with SEN, and the knowledge of it in other settings. Their own experiences in various mainstream settings led them to make the transition into a special school setting. Our discussion actively explored how important it is to build confidence in staff and strengthen knowledge for those who work with learners with SEN.

I shared an aspect that I am very passionate about: our role in supporting educational settings who are seeking the guidance. As a teacher mentor, I value using a mentoring-coaching approach which promotes developments through our experiences in a special school setting. We are committed to developing partnerships with mainstream schools to promote a pupil centred provision which values what the learners are able to achieve. We discussed the fact that we really value what we learn from mainstream settings during these school to school support visits. Best practice is in every school.

I really felt that the Secretary of State was interested in finding out what we do as a school to deepen understanding of SEN needs amongst our school community, and our partnership schools. She seemed very interested in finding out the challenges we face as a school and listened to what we could share from our experiences beyond our school. She made the discussion feel shared across the group. We left feeling our perspectives were valued, with a sense that she appreciated everything we suggested in relation to our own experiences from teacher training to classroom practitioner.

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