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School Building 

The school building has changed to support a safe movement throughout the high use areas such as the entry to the school, reception, corridors, stairs, and dining halls. We have introduced new systems so that movement through the building is limited through clusters of classes that are in protected ‘zones’. We are sharing this video so that all parents can view the changes that are in place. There are pictures at the end of the newsletter as well. We will create another video for the pupils which will be shared through their Transition Curriculum over the next few weeks.

View the video here:


Virtual School Developments – Zoom Pilot

The school completed a pilot this week to test out the ‘Zoom’ video conferencing platform. This is following a number of protective features Zoom has put into place. We are planning to add Zoom to the Virtual School from Wednesday, 24th June 2020. This means you have the flexibility to choose Microsoft Teams or Zoom for the live virtual teaching. This is not required-it is a flexible option the class teacher will discuss for the pupils that are within the Virtual School. We hope you find this a useful addition.


Return to School Timelines

This week the school had 30 pupils allocated to the first phase of on-site adapted curriculum across the following pathways.

  • Post-16 Pathway which includes pupils that are finishing at Swiss Cottage School to move on to college and vocational training.
  • Semi-Formal Pathway
  • Informal Pathway

The groups are small with a maximum of 5 pupils in a classroom to promote socially distanced learning. From next week we will be increasing this and have made plans to ensure every family that has sought a return to school is able to access this. We will also add our final pathway to the current pilot, which is the Formal Pathway. This will bring us to our maximum capacity over the next two weeks within the current guidelines from the Department for Education and Public Health England. This is alongside the Local Authority guidelines for pupils on their shielded list remaining safe at home and within our Virtual School.

The on-site school teams will focus on redesigning our curriculum and approaches to teaching based on the pilots. This will be the focus for the next three weeks so that we can work with all of the staff that are working within the Virtual School to prepare for those changes.

We have created a new email address for any parents or carers who would like to share questions or queries. This will help us coordinate planning and response as we manage the final weeks of the academic year. Please email


End of Term Overview

22nd June – 26th June: All families will receive a letter informing you of your child’s class and teacher for the new school year.

29th June – 3th July: Pupils begin their three week ‘Transition Curriculum’

6th July – 10th July: Pupils continue the ‘Transition Curriculum’

13th July – 17th July: All families will receive the ‘End of Year Report’

20th and 21st July: Classes will run end of year celebration activities for the Virtual School and on-site Pilot Provisions.


Changes to Our Building 

Entry to School:




Dining Halls:


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