SCS End of Year Newsletter 21/07/2020

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Dear Parents and Carers,

It is so hard to believe that we are at the end of the academic year. We did not know in the Autumn and Spring Term that we were experiencing our vibrant school provision in a way that would suddenly change. All of the creativity in the specialist classrooms; the partnership with multi-agency teams for the integrated teaching model; numerous community based trips to support our pupils in their holistic development; Family Learning Weeks and FIT team workshops and so much more! The impact of that whole school effort was recognised during our Challenge Partners Review in March and then we suddenly encountered COVID-19 and felt the ripples of change across our society. We learnt a lot very quickly to create our Virtual School and really appreciate how much you have helped us shape it to make it the best it could be in such a short space of time.


Thirteen amazing young people graduated from the school this year. We are so proud of their achievements and who they have become over the years. A short graduation video to see the celebration can be viewed below:


Summer Holidays

We know how difficult the holiday periods can be. The teams have created additional videos for the school YouTube site for you to use with your child. We have focused on sports, music, dance, and yoga and it is located here:

The videos we created during the Virtual School will also remain accessible.

Owls: 257 videos    Puffins: 240 videos   Sandpipers: 252 videos   Kingfishers: 261 videos Starlings: 244 videos   Housemartins: 258 videos  Robins: 244 videos  Ducklings: 292 videos

Here is a social story to support the pupils with their transition into the summer holidays:


September 2020

The on-site pilot cohorts have played a very important role in our planning and preparation for September 2020. We have worked very carefully to create 12 ‘protective bubbles’ that will help us bring all pupils back to the school safely at the start the year. We have also created a ‘bubble’ for the NHS and CAMHS professionals so that we can start the year with an integrated model. The school have provided information to Camden Transport so that they can plan their transport schedules with our safety measures in mind. You should hear directly from Camden Transport on their decisions if you have LA Transport. We are planning on writing to you on 2nd September 2020 with details for how the school day will be structured, drop off and pick up times, and additional information.

We are sad that we have not ended the academic year together as a school community, and appreciate how much you have done to help every team feel the connection and collaboration. Our warmest wishes to each of you for safe and fun summer with your family.


Yours Sincerely,

Vijita, Rebecca, Monika, Lucy, Rima, Laura and Matthew

Senior Leadership Team


Click here to download a printable version of this letter.

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