SCS Newsletter: End of Term

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Dear Parents, Carers, and Families,

It is hard for us to end this term within the current lockdown measures. The daily connections with you are so important to us to help prepare the pupils for the holiday period.

Thank you for all of the phone calls and communication with the teachers over the last two days. The teams have brought creative ideas together to develop the home learning videos and resources at a time of uncertainty. The positive feedback really is appreciated and valued by all of the staff teams. We are learning from what has worked well and your ideas on what could work better so that we can strengthen our approach to home learning.

The lockdown is due to be reviewed at the third week which is on 13th April 2020. This is within the Spring holidays when the school is closed. We will monitor updates throughout that week so that the leadership team can review the recommendations on 17th April 2020. We do not know what the government will announce and must wait for the next set of decisions around lockdown.

The school has prepared a video and social story to help your child understand that school is now closed and home learning will be stopping during the Spring break.

We have also put together a set of useful resources and links to support you during this holiday period. This is in addition to the home learning videos and resources you have received. They are on the website for easy access and located here:


Section 1: Links to Live Activities: This has direct weblinks to activities which are online, free, and livestream. They are in the following categories: Daily Events, Live Animal Cameras, Museums, Discovery, Virtual Tours, Theatre, and School Videos.

Section 2: Apps and Websites: This has direct weblinks to websites and apps that are useful. Many are currently providing free limited period access due to the coronavirus lockdown.  You will see this when you go into the website links. We are also included a specific list of Music / Cause and Effect Apps.

Section 3: Creative Activities and Symbol Supported: This provides ideas for activities that do not use technology. We have included ideas for the pupils to explore and engage together with their siblings and family.


We have worked carefully with all social workers over the past week to ensure all families with an allocated social worker continues to have support. If anybody has any challenges call this phone number for the children’s social services team: 02033172201.

The Camden Special Parents Forum are also available to offer support or advice. Website and email located here:

Please remember they also have caring responsibilities as well so bear with them if they are not able to respond straight away.

Our plan is to have a preparation day on Monday, 20th April 2020 with all of the staff. This will replace the training day that is scheduled for 1st June 2020. We will provide an update to all families on 20th April 2020 for the provision that will be started on 21st April 2020. Everybody is dealing with a lot of uncertainties and we appreciate how difficult it will be to wait for updates. We do not know what that provision will be until we receive updates and guidance from the government. Our communication will continue through email, text, and the school website.

The COVID-19 pandemic currently has 9,291 cases confirmed for London and 28,221 for England. The wellbeing of this school community remains at the heart of our reflections. We wish each of you safety.


Take care,

Vijita, Becky, Monika, Laura, Matt, Rima

Click here to download a printable version of this letter.


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