Sensory Story fun – Daedalus and Icarus

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Sycamore Class enjoyed a sensory story learning about the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus. Working with puppeteer David Brook from The Royal School of Speech and Drama, Sycamore class explored the legend using a variety of sensory props.

Some wind-up bath toys were used to demonstrate Daedulus’s wonderful mechanical creations. A tray of sand with sea shells in was used to experience the beach that Daedulus and his son Icarus escape to after the wicked King tried to lock them up. Some of the learners even managed to get a little sand between their toes!

David used a beautiful crow puppet to illustrate how birds are free to fly wherever they like and how it inspired Icarus to conger his plan: “If only we could fly like birds do!”

Brightly coloured feathers tickled and floated as Daedulus built his wonderful wings.

We all warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sun; otherwise your wings will melt. A hot water bottle was used to demonstrate the heat of the sun.

David used a Icarus puppet with brightly coloured feather wings that soared above the learners before flying too close to the sun! Icasrus fell in the sea, a large swath of blue silk was wafted over Sycamore Class. Daedulus gave Icarus a towel to dry himself.

During this lesson we:

  • focused on light;
  • anticipated the texture of sand; and
  • reached and explored textures with our hands.
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