Rachel Rossin’s ‘Stalking The Trace’

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A review by Sami & Sayim.

Exhibited at the Zabludowicz Collection Gallery.

Closing Sunday 7th July 2019.

Sami Khan and Sayim Ibrahim are two Year 11 students working towards a Silver Arts Award, which has allowed them to work on major individual projects around their creative interests. Sami has produced a remix of some of his favourite music, while Sayim has produced a video mashup. In addition, they have developed their arts leadership skills by running tuition sessions on how to use music production and video editing software.

Part of their coursework requires them also to attend an arts event, write a review of it, and share it with others. What follows is their review of Rachel Rossin’s Stalking The Trace exhibited at the Zabludowicz Collection gallery.

Sami: Rachel Rossin is a great artist. She made a virtual reality installation video that had a combination of video games, TV news and movies. There was different colour lighting, and different music playing in the background. Also paintings that changes or moves which was interesting.

I think she is a great artist! The virtual reality space was mind blowing! I was speechless. Compared to other art forms that I saw before, Rachel Rossin’s work is more intense because once you are into it you can control the passage of time, past and future. It took me to a place I never been before.

When you put on the Vitual reality headset you would be the man who is standing in a view point between past and future which might mean the present. You get an intense feeling like you are surrounded by objects, but they look big or you can go through them.

I would definitely recommend this exhibition. 10/10

Sayim: When we went to the exhibit it looked very futuristic. A tour guide showed us around and offered us to use the Virtual Reality head sets.

I tried the VR headset and I experienced what goes on the mind of the artist. Rachel Rossin’s work has political messages. I understood that her work tries to show how dangerous war is. It uses images of video games that are fun to play, but in real life war is not good. It looks realistic but war comes with a price. Wars are part of our past and present. On the exhibition you can experience how soldiers feel.

The two part of the exhibition provides you with experiences, sounds and effects. It shows how it feels to step into art through virtual reality, travelling and exploring the world that goes around you.


Zabludowicz Collection gallery is at 176 Prince of Wales Road and the exhibition will be open until the 7th of July.


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