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Swiss Cottage School will be operating as a Virtual School based on government guidelines for everyone to stay at home to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. I am writing to help you understand what this means for you and your child and what you can expect from this new way of working.

The virtual school will be 9:30am until 15:30pm daily. You will be sent a timetable from your child’s class teacher via email and also in the post. This will help you to provide structure for your child’s day and give opportunities for face to face interactive contact with the class teacher.

What is a virtual school?

The virtual school started at the first government lockdown in March as a way of us continuing education remotely through computers, tablets, and home activities. You will continue to be sent a set of learning activities everyday which link to your child’s weekly timetable. We are now introducing ‘face to face’ interactive sessions with class teachers where you and your child will be able to have live online sessions. Your child’s teacher will be in touch with your times for ‘face to face’ interactive teaching if you would like to use this option.

You will also receive a set of physical resources in the post to support learning that does not use technology. It is being posted and we cannot confirm when it will arrive but we hope it will be with you by Tuesday, 28th April. It will be a set of core resources which you can keep for your child’s engagement in learning.

Do I have to use the virtual school?

This is not required and remains optional. We want to provide you with the various options and respect the decisions you make. It is not required to use the learning resources, learning videos, or the interactive live teaching.  The teacher will need to schedule the interactive live teaching so if you do not want to use this please let them know. They could offer you a weekly phone call in place of the session if that would be helpful.

How do I access the virtual school?

You currently receive a daily email from the class teacher providing resources through Evidence for Learning and links to learning activities. We will be sending you a guide to show you how to access the live sessions if you would like to use this option. This will take place through a system called ‘Microsoft Teams’. It is safe, protected, and free.

How often will I get to speak to the class teacher?

The class teacher will send the email in the morning at 9:30am.

Teachers will be running the timetable of live ‘face to face’ interactive sessions in the morning between 10:00-12:00. This gives an opportunity to speak to the class teacher face-to-face when it is your child’s timetabled session.

Teachers are available to answer teaching and learning questions in the afternoon via email from 1:30-3:30pm. You will be sent allocated times via the timetable and should contact your class teacher if you are unclear about this.

When will this start?

You will receive a timetable this week from the class teacher and daily learning activities and resources. During this week the teacher will check if you want to add the live interactive teaching to the timetable. The confirmed timetable will be shared on Friday, 24th April. The live interactive teaching will begin from next week.

What if I cannot access the online learning?

The Microsoft Team system works just like Evidence for Learning on your smartphone, iPad, and desktop computer through a link. Email your class teacher or me if you do not have a form of technology and we will help to get this in place:

What do you need to do next?

1)      Click here for E-Safety Guidance which explains safety guidelines and how to access the live interactive teaching.

2)      We are sending learning activities home and need your help to understand how your child is accessing and engaging with the learning opportunity. The class teachers will discuss your child’s learning with you through key questions we will share from next week. You can also upload their work on Evidence for Learning.



Rebecca Shaw

Vice Principal


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