The Lions of Zululand

by swisscottage / July 22nd, 2013 / in Archive 2012/13 / 0 Comments

The whole school enjoyed a day of singing, dancing and creative arts with The Lions of Zululand, a traditional dance troupe from Kwazulu in South Africa.

The Lions of Zululand ran a day of cultural workshops for the whole school including; African singing, artwork, storytelling and dancing. The day got off to an explosive start with a fantastic tribal performance. The Lions dressed in their traditional costumes and performed a number of songs and dances which got our learners wiggling in their seats with excitement. The children were then invited to join in with the dancing and holding the shields.

The Lions worked with learners on a range of projects, enabling our pupils to learn about traditional tribal culture. There were lots of smiles throughout the day and the whole building rang with the sounds of drums and stamping feet!

The day was brought to a close when pupils were invited to join the Lions in the final dance performance of the day.

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