Tips for parents and carers – Communication Temptation

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Most children with Autistic Spectrum Condition find it difficult to communicate or interact with others but there are plenty of ways of helping your child increase their social and communication skills.

Encourage requests

It is important to create situations where children are motivated to communicate. For example giving a child choices for lunch or activities and allowing them to communicate their preferences.

If you are doing an art activity, provide all the resources but one. For example when doing a cutting activity, provide the paper and pencil but hold back the scissors, tempting your child to appropriately communicate their need for the scissors.

Give things gradually

First establish something that will be motivating to your child or they will not have a desire to communicate. Offering small quantities of food or drink to children allows them to appropriately request for ‘more’ when motivated. For example; if a child has requested some milk, only give them a tiny measure of milk and wait for them to request more. You may need to prompt and model the response you desire first time. This could be just the word/sign ‘more’ or a full sentence. Allow them to see that there is more available but make it clear they will only receive it if they ask for it. Every time your child requests independently or spontaneously, give them lots of praise. This also works well with bubbles or other highly preferred games or activities; blow a few bubbles and wait to be asked for more.

Joining in

Read books together where you can encourage your child to join in, for example read a book about farm yard animals and get your child to join in with making the animal noises.

And finally…

It is always good to present your child with plenty of positive feedback and praise when they have done well.

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