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Dear Parents/Carers

Three points were raised for me to action at the Parent Council meeting on Tuesday 24 September.


  1. 1.            Research

We are constantly seeking to develop the quality of our teaching and your child’s learning and progress.

One of the ways we are doing that is through research – specifically Action Research.  By this we mean our staff will identify a focus, collect data, reflect on it and identify the learning points; thus improving their knowledge and skills.  This can then be shared with colleagues and other staff beyond Swiss Cottage.  The focus is on the adults.

Other research that is carried out at Swiss Cottage is by students from universities.  In this case the focus is on the children and therefore the researchers have ethical standards to meet.  If your child is directly involved in the research, you will receive a letter from the researcher, explaining the research and asking your permission for your child to take part in the project. You can agree or not.  This distinction is to clarify the situation for you.


  1. 2.            Home School Transport

Camden has published a new Transport Policy which we will put on our website, so you can see who is eligible for Home-School transport, and what to do if your child is not allocated a place on Transport.

For parents who need to drop their child off in the morning and collect at the end of the day, we were given four parking vouchers only.  We understand from our survey that there are more parents who would like a voucher.

Action:  I have alerted Camden to this need.  They will be carrying out a review and will include my comments about our issues in their consultation.  I will keep you informed of any progress.  Meanwhile, if you are eligible for a Blue Badge, please apply for one.


  1. 3.            Ofsted “Parent View”

We could be inspected at any time this year or next.  We would like all parents to complete the “Parent View” questionnaire.  It is online and very quick and easy to complete.  Please note – if you have any issues with the school, please tell us now so that they can be resolved.  The questionnaire is not for complaints.  In our last Ofsted inspection in 2010, almost every parent returned the paper questionnaire and they were overwhelmingly positive.  We would like the same in our next one.

Last time, the class parent reps contacted each parent of each child in the group and offered to support them to complete the questionnaire.  They will do the same now, so expect to hear from them shortly, via your class teacher.


  1. 4.            Fronter – Parent Calendar

As many of you will know, the School has a Parents’ Calendar which can be accessed through “Fronter” on the school’s website.  The Parents’ Calendar has information about meetings and events in the school which parents are invited to attend.  It also has information about meetings and events out of school that may be of interest to parents/carers and their child/children.  I hope you find this useful.

Usernames and passwords have been set up by Ed Pitcher (email  Existing parents should already have these.  New parents will need to contact Ed.  All you need to do is click on the word “>>fronter” in the upper right corner of the home page and log in.


  1. 5.            Sweden

I am working in Sweden from 1st – 4th October and again from 7th – 10th October.  I am training Headteachers and teachers in the first trip and teaching outstanding teachers coaching skills in the second week.  This work takes me away from Swiss Cottage but brings in significant extra money to the School, for the benefit of your children.

I will have my i-phone and i-pad with me and I will pick up any urgent messages at the end of each day.  Your child’s class teacher is always your first point of contact, followed by the appropriate Head of School, followed by either Maisie or Vijita if the issue is serious.

Best wishes.


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