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Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back after the two week break.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you for all the cards and presents and also to those parents who were able to attend the events at the end of term.

Some Quick Updates

1.       Parking Vouchers

We have been advised that Camden will change its policy to accommodate our needs, and that this might take some time.  I will continue to follow up on this as I am fully aware of your need.


2.       School Uniform

We carried out a survey of parents to find out what your views are on whether we should have a uniform or not.  These are the results:

Total number of replies:  24

Number of replies per school:

Upper School    4                              Yes:     3                           No:    1

Middle School 14                              Yes:     8                           No:    6

Lower School    6                              Yes:     3                           No:    3

Next steps:  We still need to ask students and staff.  When that is complete, we will decide whether to go ahead with a voluntary uniform or not.


3.       Attendance

Our target is 94%.  We are currently at 91%.  This is an improvement but we still need to do more.  14 pupils have hit 100%, which is fantastic.  Class teachers and Heads of School will be working with you to help you improve your child’s attendance where it is needed.


4.       Swiss Cottage Christmas Fair

Thank you to all of you who came and supported our Christmas Fair and a special thank you to the parents who worked tirelessly to make it so enjoyable and successful.  We raised nearly £2,000.


5.       Future dates

Next training day – school closed to pupils:  Monday 3 February 2014.

Staff will have focussed learning visits to other relevant organisations, or be training in school.

Half Term:  Monday 17 February 2014 – Friday 21 February 2014

Last day of spring term:  Friday 4 April 2014

Summer term:  Tuesday 22 April 2014 – Tuesday 22 July 2014

Half Term:  Monday 26 May – Friday 30 May 2014


6.       Some Work in Progress

6.1      3 bed flat:  We are aiming to have this in use by September.  We have two sources of extra funding to set it up – (1) to furnish it, and (2) to set it up as a SMART environment, using technology to keep out young adults become as independent as possible.

6.2      Potential use of school facilities on Sundays:  Work has started on this.  Parents asked for this.  Dahlia, parent of Layanne, is working with Clare Crawford, the School’s Business Manager, and a project team.  A questionnaire is going out shortly.  Please respond if you think you might be interested.

6.3      Playground development:  Clare Donovan is leading a team on this.  Governors have allocated £200,000 this year to improve the outside area.  We expect this work to be done over the summer holidays.

6.4      Displays around the School:  We have a team working on this, led by the two Clares.  All teaching staff will be involved.  We want to reduce the ‘clinical’ look of the building – and make it look more like a school.

6.5      ‘Pop up shop’:  Tracy is leading on this, with Santander Bank, as part of helping our students to develop financial skills and understanding.  We are looking for empty premises locally, so that we can set up a real shop; to give our older students real life skills and experiences as this is the way they learn best.

These are but a few of the many things we are currently working on to further improve provision for your children and which I thought you would be interested in.  We constantly strive to improve what we are doing.  We want the very best for your children.

Best wishes for the New Year.


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