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Dear Parents/Carers

I am writing to bring you more news about staffing changes in our Lower School.

There is absolutely no need for you to be alarmed in any way. As you know, as an enormously enlarged school, we have appointed over 100 new staff, and many of our old staff have moved into new roles in the school. Our current staffing number is 191. Accordingly, there will be some staff movement.

I am writing to inform you that Jenny, Head of Lower School, has left Swiss Cottage.  In her absence, please direct all day to day enquiries to her Deputy, Becky on 020 7681 8080 extn 207 or extn 132.

The Lower School teachers are all ready and keen to work together to ensure that the Lower School functions well on a day to day basis. We are putting in a lot of extra support from our Autistic team, our Behaviour Team and all other therapists so there is no need to worry about the quality of provision.

In addition, Stepanka’s absence is being covered by Lyn who is an excellent teacher, well known to Swiss Cottage.

I also need to inform you that we heard today that Gillian, TA in Blue Class has left. Unfortunately serious family illness means she cannot continue to work. We have already appointed two new TAs to the Lower School, so there will be three – four TAs in Blue Class. We will notify you as soon as we decide the best people to work in Blue Class.

I am sorry that we were unable to inform you of all of these changes until today – that was unavoidable.  Please contact me if necessary on phone 020 7681 8080 extn 107 or email:

Best wishes.


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