Welcome to our school

Welcome to Swiss Cottage School, Development and Research Centre. We are a maintained special school in the London Borough of Camden. Our school provision meets the needs of learners with complex layered needs. This includes learners with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties, Severe Learning Difficulties, Moderate Learning Difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Communication Disorders, Sensory Needs, Physical Needs, and/or Social, Emotional Mental Health Needs.

We are a Teaching School, leading an alliance of schools and professional partners who are working collaboratively to promote innovation and research in a range of areas including pedagogy, technology, and teacher training.

We are a positive learning community working together to unlock potential. The values that shape our school ethos are respect, integrity, and positive attitude for all.

Our school vision is:

  • to be innovative and forward thinking – a real learning organisation for all its people
  • to promote excellence for all through a positive ethos and culture
  • to be an  inclusive school community so that everyone’s needs are met
  • to be well resourced, so that the provision is innovative and outcomes are aspirational
  • to be research based, with learning and development at our core.

Take a step into our school:

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