Ofsted and Challenge Partners

Ofsted Report

Swiss Cottage School Development and Research Centre have been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted six times in a row (latest report June 2017). Ofsted inspectors judged pupils’ achievement, quality of teaching, children’s behaviour and safety and leadership and management to all be outstanding but more specifically that “there is no doubt that staff are committed to recognising the individuality of each pupil, working together, creating opportunities and celebrating success. You all live the school’s vision daily.

You can read our latest Ofsted report here: Ofsted 2017 or you can visit the Ofsted website for more information


Challenge Partners

To support the monitoring and evaluation of our overall effectiveness, Swiss Cottage School joined Challenge Partners in September 2017. Challenge Partners is a national network of schools that are involved in peer-to-peer challenge and knowledge sharing. Swiss Cottage School had its Quality Assurance Review on 2nd and 3rd March 2017. The Review team involved three external professionals: an experienced Ofsted Inspector and two experienced Senior Leaders from special schools. The review had a whole school remit and focused on teaching and learning to enable deep conversations about the quality of learning in the school and the progress of pupils through the overall provision.

“Leaders place the learner at the centre, creating a curriculum which best serves need ensuring learning is relevant and meaningful for all. Vision is based on what staff and parents want the students to be when they leave Swiss Cottage.”

“All staff are leaders. Teachers lead the provision for their students and teaching assistants. Teachers are expected to reflect on advice from external professionals, such as NHS therapists. This links with the code of practice, where every teacher is a leader of SEND provision.”

“Personal Learning Intention Maps (PLIMs) are directly linked to students’ strengths and needs. They incorporate all key learning. Each PLIM reflects the curriculum pathway and EHCP aspirational outcomes for each student. During the review, adults’ work with students reflected the current PLIM on display in the classroom.”

“Leaders embed principles of the SEND code of practice to identify desired outcomes for students. This enriches student centred provision. In turn, this informs a more personalised curriculum.”

“Students’ independence is developed effectively. Adults scaffold strategies to enable students to take ownership of their own learning at an appropriate level.”

“Leaders encourage teachers to explore aspects of teaching that they are interested in and passionate about. Practitioners’ expertise is shared internally and more widely through various partnerships locally, nationally and internationally.”

Click here to read the report.

The report was agreed between the review team and the school, as part of an ongoing professional dialogue that explores teaching practice, pupil progress, and school improvement strategies. The report confirmed the Leadership Team and Governing Body’s evaluation of the school provision.