Our Staff

Swiss Cottage is committed to a team approach in meeting all our learners’ needs. Our specialist and experienced staff comprise of teachers and teaching assistants who work together with our multi-agency teams. Our multi-agency teams include educational psychologist, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, doctors, nurses and Connexions service. These teams work seamlessly with our staff to enable all learners to access the curriculum as fully as possible with as little time loss as possible.

Senior Leadership Team:

  • Vijita Patel

  • Becky Shaw

    Vice Principal
  • Monika Gaweda

    Head of School
  • Margaret Mulholland

    Director of Development & Research
  • Lucy Hall

    Lead for Inclusion & Safeguarding
  • Rima Blakaj

    Head of Finance
  • Becca Grant

    Leader of PMLD Provision
  • Tracy Edwards

    Associate Director of Teaching School

Middle Leadership Team:

  • Ed Pitcher

    Leader of Technology & Strategy
  • Catherine Shipton

    Teacher Mentor
  • Laura Fawcett

    Teacher Mentor
  • Claire Gee-Nyland

    Leader of EYFS & Communication
  • Barbara Lambe

    TLR Lower School Semi-Formal Pathway
  • Roseanna Gooder

    TLR Upper School Semi-Formal Pathway
  • Ivan Luptak

    TLR Upper School Semi-Formal Pathway
  • Matt Maguire

    TLR 16-19 Pathway
  • Louise Berg Rasmussen

    TLR Informal Pathway
  • Imogen BoSmith

    TLR EYFS Pathway
  • Eileen Kernick

    TLR Work-Related Learning & Accreditations
  • Jacqui Verloren

    Deputy Leader of Family Inclusion Team