We have entered 5 collaborative pieces for the Unique Arts Awards 2022, all working with the theme of 'scapes'. Lower and Upper school's entry of a sculptural city scape has been shortlisted and this year's presentation ceremony on Saturday 17th September 2022.

Lower School

This term we have been working on transitioning to the art room which is a very different space on the other side of the school! Students have spent the first few weeks getting used to the space. They have been investigating materials, building sandcastles, spray painting, painting three dimensional shapes, balloon painting and investigating stacking and building on different scales.

Upper School

This term we have been investigating sculpture and sculptural materials. We have explored how to join clay-made sandcastles and worked out how to stack up various found materials. Pupils have also been working hard on a collaborative project entry for the unique arts award. The theme this year is ‘scapes’, and have worked on making a collaged sea scape as well as sea tiles. We have also been working on a class totem pole by decorating cardboard boxes which will be exhibited on the last day of term . 



Post 16 have been busy learning how to create new designs for our ceramics and some have been learning how to slipcast for the first time.


Every year the Unique Art Award Competition announces its new themes for competition entry.  We often spend the Spring Term creating a group entry. This year we have entered four pieces all on the theme of 'scapes' 

We have entered three seascapes and one city scape. 


EYFS have been exploring materials  such as clay and mashed potato paint and creating all kinds of different faces. 

Lower School

Lower School have been investigating the theme of 'Ourselves', looking at self-portraits and exploring a huge range of materials and art processes concentrating on the physicality and engagement of the art sessions with some brilliant outcomes!

Upper School

Upper School have been working on self-portraits. They have looked at the work of  artists such as Picasso, Marc Quinn &  Kehinde Wiley, forming their own opinions and learning language to talk about art. They have created self-portraits on metallic surfaces, on photos of themselves, in the style of Picasso and on clay reliefs. 


Post-16 have been working on the EmployMEnt Pathway, making Christmas decorations for our online shop, they have been working on learning the steps involved to a high standard, slip casting our bowls, plates and vases, with the aim of independence  . 

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